Regular Medical Checkup for Elders

As people age, they  become prone to diseases easily. The maturing process includes dynamic changes in the body's capacity to create, deliver and supplant solid cells. The immune system becomes slower at detecting cell defects and its ability to respond quickly & effectively also declines. This steady disintegration of one's resistance caused by normal maturing is known as immunosenescence.

There are various other reasons such as radiation, chemical exposure and the contraction of certain diseases all of which increase the decline of the immune system over time. People who are more than 60 years of age may feel weakness all the time and some of them couldn’t even manage their daily task or routine. A special care is needed to be given to while ageing with proper medical guidance and assistance.

This is why a regular medical check-up is extremely important for elders as their family can become  aware of any approaching medical intervention needs well in advance. CareOf takes care of conducting regular and relevant medical check-ups for them, alongside providing 24/7 emergency assistance.

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CareOf was founded by a trinity of spirited entrepreneurs with managerial experience in corporate; the team combined forces and established Platinum One. The thought behind CareOf is to take care and provide services to meet the daily needs of the aging parents of children who are away from home. CareOf is established to take care of all the essential things for aging parents & also provide preventive care.

Posted by :Bhavana M | 28 July, 2017

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