Elder Care

For many many years, our parents have taken care of us – Be it financially, physically and emotionally. They have always been there for us – Be it our happiest times, sad or even in our ups and down! They never left us to feel alone or left any of our needs or wishes unfulfilled. Now they need us as they are aged and can no longer care for themselves. So now it’s our turn to care!

Caring for an aging parent – especially when you are away from home and suddenly faced with the responsibilities of elder care can be a tough challenge. You are bound to be worried and stressed about our parent’s health in such a crisis situation. You want to take a step but don’t know what to do!

Help is needed here indeed! Whether it’s an emergency or for planning ahead to take care of the daily needs or preventive care for your parents. CareOf can help you find the answers you need!

Your next question would be as to what kind of assistance CareOf can provide to your parents. From Daily essential needs like (Grocery purchase, Diet Counselling, Travelling assistance, Physical assistance for going to bank, market, temple etc.) to Medical assistance like (Doctor’s home visit, tele-assistance for making appointments, home-delivery of medicines, 24/7 ambulance or emergency physical assistance), CareOf take care of it all!

I hope some of your questions and worries about looking after your aging parents are answered in this article. For more information, please visit https://careof.co.in/ | Contact: 1800-2121-344/care@careof.co.in

CareOf was founded by a trinity of spirited entrepreneurs with managerial experience in corporate; the team combined forces and established Platinum One. The thought behind CareOf is to take care and provide services to meet the daily needs of the aging parents of children who are away from home. CareOf is established to take care of all the essential things for aging parents & also provide preventive care.

Posted by :Bhavana M | 27 July, 2017

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