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We all know that old age people always want someone to be with them all the time so that they feel secure. When they find it difficult to get up from the couch, they expect a helping hand around them. With the growing age, many health issues arise like high blood pressure, pain issues, worries about falling, etc. Hence, it is very essential to adopt an active life by doing regular exercise.

Let’s find out how doing regular exercise can change the life of senior citizens -

Physical Health Benefits

  1. With the growing age, metabolism slows down. It becomes difficult for the old age people to digest whatever they eat and hence, increases the weight of the body. Regular exercise and physical activities helps in maintaining perfect weight, build muscle mass and burning more calories.
  2. Regular exercise helps in building strong immune system and hence geriatric become less prone to diseases. It helps in better blood pressure, bone density and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases etc.
  3. As the strength of the body increases, the body becomes stronger and hence risk of falls reduces.

Mental Health Benefits

  1. Mostly, elderly people complaints of sleeping less in the night. But by doing regular physical activities they will fall asleep more quickly, more deeply and wake up with complete freshness and energy.
  2. Exercise is a powerful stress buster. It helps in reducing the feeling of depression, sadness or anxiety. If you are stress free, you can think more and feel more confident.
  3. By doing brainier activities like Sudoku or crossword you can keep your brain active.

At CareOf, We have several plans for such senior citizens who are struggling with their health issues. If you are working and not able to give sufficient time to your parents then leave all your worries to us. We will arrange a physiotherapist home visit for your parents once in a month. The Physiotherapy will be done at home, in your parents' comfort zone, so that they can easily move out of it.

Posted by :Swati Sharma | 28 June, 2017

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