At CareOf, we care for the ageing parents of children who are away from home. CareOf is headed by a trinity of spirited entrepreneurs. Post an MBA from IIM and Amity and after gaining 8-12 years of managerial experience in corporate, the team combined forces and established PlatinumOne.

Coming a long way in our endeavours, the need to give back was immense. And since charity begins at home, we decided to give back to our parents and forayed into geriatric care. We established CareOf to provide care and comfort to aged parents.


When we began professional life, we had to move out of home and leave our parents behind. When we got the first salary, we gave it to our parents as a mark of love and respect – a mere fraction of what they have done for us. Some of us bought a beautiful silk saree for Ma or a smart Titan watch for Baba. Some of us took them out to dinner or bought them cool smartphones.

Unfortunately when the daily grind took a toll on us, we sometimes forgot that our parents were growing old. Things that they could do easily when we were children became challenging. From shopping for groceries to standing in queues to pay bills, it got difficult for them to cope. Even with a smartphone in hand, they would prefer to make an uncomfortable journey to the railway station to book a ticket than install the IRCTC app.

CareOf was therefore conceived to not only take care of all these essential things for our parents but also to provide preventive care. That way, we can ensure that they feel forever young. Most of all healthy, equipped, secure and happy.


Starting out of a small office in Mumbai with a team of just 10, PlatinumOne is now 400+ strong with offices in Mumbai, Noida and Kolkata. In 2017, with a coveted ISO 27001:2003 certificate, we are a brand to be reckoned with in the BPO, corporate training and insurance broking sectors. CareOf is a brand under the parentage of PlatinumOne.